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Workbook + Audio Packages

£17 per package, or all 3 for £47

Each package includes a workbook and an audio track guiding you through the exercise step by step.

PowerType Embodiment package

The PowerType embodiment package is an introduction to the five One of many Women’s PowerTypes™.

The package includes:

  • a pack of One of many Women’s PowerType™ cards
  • five audio tracks introducing you to each of the PowerTypes and helping you to explore and embody them so that you can use their energy to step into a more joyful and fulfilled life.

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PowerType Embodiment Package

Free Worksheets and Cheat Sheets

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Online Courses

The Creativity Connection: Banish Overwhelm and Stimulate Creativity

a 6-week online course for
neurodivergent entrepreneurs:


  • Module 1: Banishing Overwhelm
  • Module 2: Mental Decluttering
  • Module 3: Prioritising Yourself
  • Module 4: Knowing Your Why
  • Module 5: Seeing Your Dreams
  • Module 6: Creating Inspiration

From Fraught to Focused

a variable-length online course for neurodivergent adults: £745 for 12 modules; £497 for 8 modules; or
£65 per module. Choose any combination of modules:

  1. Avoiding Analysis Paralysis
  2. Banishing Overwhelm
  3. Beating Procrastination
  4. Communicating Clearly
  5. Increasing Motivation
  6. Keeping Time
  7. Maintaining Attention and Focus
  8. Managing Money
  9. Nurturing Creativity
  10. Organising and Decluttering
  11. Planning and Prioritising
  12. Regulating Emotions
  13. Replenishing and Managing Your Energy
  14. Setting Boundaries
  15. Staying Positive
  16. Writing and Editing Effectively