Work With Me

There are a range of different ways you can work with me:

  • Individual one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions
  • Small batches of one-to-one sessions with a particular focus
  • Full 8- and 12-week coaching programmes.

If one-to-one coaching is not what you're after, my group programme runs several times a year. There are also a variety of downloadable resources available on the Resources page.

My Coaching Programmes

I was already on a path to becoming a certified women’s coach with One of many™ when I discovered my autism and ADHD. But since then I have focused on adapting the many wonderful coaching tools I have learned and creating programmes to help neurodivergent adults of all genders to get their day-to-day life sorted so that they can thrive and reach their full potential at home, at work or in business.

AJ coached me through a 12-week programme and I really cannot recommend her highly enough as a coach. Feeling really listened to and heard was so powerful for me, also being held to account for actions that would help me move forward in my journey meant that I achieved so much more than I would have done without her ‘by my side’ during that time.

AJ asked questions that made me think deeply about what I really wanted from my intended career change and what steps I needed to take to effect the change. She also recommended a number of such useful resources for someone about to embark on setting up their own business.

The meditations AJ took me through were powerful and gave me some really useful insights. AJ has a beautiful way about her that makes you feel you are being held but at the same time knowing that powerful transformations come from within you. She provided the catalyst for me finding my way and being clear about my intentions and future actions.

-- Michele Pavey, an Outside the Box client --

From Fraught to Focused

From Fraught to Focused is a 12-week programme for neurodivergent entrepreneurs and employees who need support in the key areas listed on the right. This programme is perfect to use for an Access to Work grant for coaching or coping strategy training.

Before we start the programme, we will have a discussion about your requirements and you will choose 10 of the most relevant areas us to focus on.

Download our current price list here.

Full amount payable up front; a payment plan of 3 instalments is available if you prefer; £500 payable on booking

  • attention and focus
  • decision-making
  • starting and finishing projects
  • planning and prioritisation
  • motivation
  • organisation
  • time management
  • self-care and managing energy levels
  • confidence and self-esteem
  • boundaries
  • communication
  • emotional resilience
  • personal or business finances
  • creativity
  • writing and editorial skills

I feel focused, braver, more assertive and more capable of solving problems and finding a way through difficult situations. I feel peaceful and hopeful for the first time in many years. I’m so grateful to AJ for helping me to unlock this happiness and guide
me towards progress with my goals.


Be You

Be You is a transformational 12-week coaching and mentoring programme for neurodivergent women and non-binary people to learn more about who they really are and how they can navigate challenges while celebrating and making the most of their talents and strengths.

Cost: £1997 for 12 x 1-hour sessions
Full amount payable up front or
payment plan of 3 instalments is available;
£500 payable on booking

Learn to work with your autistic or ADHD strengths and be the leader you always wanted to be at work or in business. (Instagram Post)

Step Up to Soft Power

Step Up to Soft Power

Step Up to Soft Power is a transformational
12-week coaching and mentoring programme
for neurodivergent women and non-binary people to learn how to realise their full potential using the five PowerTypes™ and a wide array of empowering One of many™ tools.

Cost: £2397 for 12 x 1.5-hour sessions

A payment plan of 3 instalments is available
£500 payable on booking

I found the PowerTypes a revelation – you don’t have to battle through life the ‘hard way’! There are alternatives that feel more natural, that helped me feel more at ease and in flow and to move away from burnout. Amanda’s personalised, tailored guidance on how best to use these to support me with my particular autism and ADHD challenges was invaluable.


Not Ready for a full 12-week programme?
No problem!

Here is a smaller coaching package you might be really interested in!


Banish Overwhelm and Power Up package £597

The Banish Overwhelm and Power Up package will help you to banish overwhelm in a proven 3-step process and then show you a brand new, more powerful, way of being.

The package includes:

  • a step-by-step guide and template to use in the Overwhelm First Aid process
  • a pack of One of many Women’s PowerType™ cards
  • a One of many Women’s PowerType™ profile test and tailored pdf report
  • three one-to-one sessions for: 1) coaching you through the Overwhelm First Aid process in real time; 2) introducing you to the five One of many Women’s PowerTypes™, working through your profile report and setting intentions; and 3) following up on the intentions for accountability.

Cost: £297, payable on booking

Not sure if any of these are a good fit?

Let’s have a chat about booking any number of individual sessions to fit with what you need.

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